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Lifting my 98 xj.

Okay, read about all the posts about lifting an XJ. Would like to lift mine sometime in the near future. I don't have a unlimited source of cash, so I would like to keep it on the budget level. The kits I have researched are the Rough Country and Zone 3 inch entry lifts with rear springs. I need new leaf springs due to the saggy bottom blues. I want to keep the tire size I'm using (235-75-15). That means no clearance issues. What I would like to ask is, can any of you give me a review on these two kits. One is about $200 cheaper so I'm if about the springs, are they gonna hold up over time? I have a spring shop right down the road that can re-arch the stock leafs but I know that is just a patch for the issue. So, if you could please give me your insight on what my endeavor should be. Thanks


07-08-2012 17:31:39


Re: Lifting my 98 xj.

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