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#1 03-09-2012 13:28:40

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Tire Size

OK, I'm going to take my 94 2wd Cherokee up a few sizes, from a P205/75R15 to a P235/75R15 or possibly a 70 series.  My question is, since I know this will throw the speedo off and I know it has an electronic speedo, how can I recalibrate it?  With my Dodge I would just use a reprogrammer but I haven't come across anything for this Jeep.

I really need to keep it correct since my soon to be 16 yr old will be driving it.


03-09-2012 13:28:40


Re: Tire Size

#2 07-08-2012 17:36:18

From: Western North Carolina
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Re: Tire Size

If you stick with a 75 it won't change the speedo. If you go to a 70 it will give a 5% faster reading so that cold work in your favor. The width doesn't change the speedo calibration.


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