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#1 02-10-2012 15:34:27

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gettin rid of noise..

This is somewhat OT:

I am in the process of redoing the interior of my American.
New carpet, yeah I know" what's carpet?"
New seatbelts
New speakers.

Anyway why I'm posting this here is I know some Jeep guys use bedliner for their interior treatment of choice on the floor.
I want to deaden the interior of my American, being a 60's design "box on wheels" It is noisy at 70mph!
I plan on shooting spray bedliner on the back side of the doors and 1/4 panels and using some form of sound deadener sheets
on the floors etc. I'm not 100% sure on exactly what products to use.
I was wondering what you guys have used for do it yourself bedliner and if anyone has used sound deadener sheets and such?
I don't care much what the bedliner looks like as it will be hidden. I'd got with the dynamat type sheets only, but in the 60's AMC used some pretty hairy rough spray coatings on the back sides of the panels at the factory. It is not something I think I can clean up enough to get a good "stick" SO I thought I'd just pick a good spray Bedliner and thicken it up.

Anyone got any good ideas on this stuff?


02-10-2012 15:34:27


Re: gettin rid of noise..

#2 02-10-2012 15:36:39

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Re: gettin rid of noise..

I've never used the spray in theory, if it's that
really thick heavy stuff like a Rhino Liner, I could see where that
would work.

In the Volvo, I used a lot of the Dynamat stuff, and it works well. It
is pricey, but it sticks like mad. I can't imagine it not adhering to
just about any surface, short of it being covered in oil.

B-Quiet ( has one several awards
for their stuff, and I think it's cheaper than Dynamat and stuff, but
it's been awhile since I checked prices. The BMW is quiet, the rest are
loud...and I don't care ;-)


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