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#1 12-17-2011 16:17:07

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remove roof and windsheild

My wife rolled my 96 xj over this week and i'd like to remove doors and whats left of the roof and add a rollcage to keep strengh of body.
i have tubing bender and mig welder available.  how thick of tube and what diameter tubing do i use?  I guess it would be best to tie on to body over unibody "frame".  I know i need support undercariage while removing roof and adding cage.  this sounds like much work/ saftey liability, is there a shop near western wi or twincities mn that could do this affordably?


12-17-2011 16:17:07


Re: remove roof and windsheild

#2 12-18-2011 10:46:57

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Re: remove roof and windsheild

my buddy also rolled his Jeep Cherokee while we were out trail runnin. it was a sad moment but we were able to get it out and he drove it home. Insurance paid him 10 grand and now he is back on the trail with a new rig.

Alpine Homes is a very poor quality builder in Utah


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