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#1 11-06-2018 16:13:00

Datig Hand
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Radiator leak below petcock - what's going on in there?

I've got an inconsistent drip coming from the bottom corner of my radiator, and I'm wondering if it could be anything other than a crack/leak in the radiator itself.

00' XJ, 6cyl, 4.0, 4X4

I don't think it's the petcock, and I'm tempted to tighten the bolt on the underside of the radiator (a few inches below the petcock), but I'm hoping someone might be knowledgeable of what's going on where I'm unable to see before I start tinkering any further.

Photos attached are looking straight on with the grill removed, and looking down from between the upper hose and battery.

It's making 50mi drives alright - topping out at around 70mph, and easing into my accelerations, and topping off at about 1/4gal.

Just drove less than a mile and dribbled when I parked, then drove it a little over a mile and it dripped a couple drops, then drove another 2 miles and it was dry... which I found to be odd.

Any thoughts?

p.s. photo awaiting resize. The bolt I'm thinking about tightening is going upward from the bottom left corner of the radiator, under the petcock. I'd imagine it's just a mounting bold, but there's moister coming from somewhere right around there that I can't see through the radiator coils, and lightly pooling on the strut/body below.

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11-06-2018 16:13:00


Re: Radiator leak below petcock - what's going on in there?

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