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#1 11-10-2017 15:10:56

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'98 XJ no brake lights - help needed

Posting here to see if there are common problems that cause both brake lights to stop working. Here is what I've checked.
1) Bulbs are OK
2) Brake light switch replaced
3) Ground at bulb socket checked for continuity and is OK
4) Fuses in cabin are all OK
4) Checked for electricity at brake light switch wiring connector. No power on any leads while pedal is NOT depressed.
5) When brake pedal is depressed, there is about 12v on the wire with white and red stripe.

According to a wiring diagram I saw, there should be power at all times on one of the wires going to the brake light switch.


11-10-2017 15:10:56


Re: '98 XJ no brake lights - help needed

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