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1995/96 XJ 4.0i auto - PCM issues

Hi All,

I have a UK spec Jeep Cherokee 4.0i auto first reg. 10 Jan 1996 with a suspected PCM fault.

The engine will crank but not fire. No Engine Management Light. No error codes (EML flashes number of times to display code). I've replaced the crank sensor & distributor pickup. Fuses & relays checked. Fuel in the rail. No signal from PCM to coil. PCM gets warm/hot just from cranking.

The PCM has 3 connectors - afaik earlier models have single 60 pin connector & 1998> models have 3 coil packs & no distributor. So it looks like a narrow window of opportunity for replacements.

The PCM has 0943688M01 114963A on the connector housing.



I'm aware the PCM's are known for dry joints, particularly from weight of connectors on PCB.

Jeep PCM's are rare in the UK. Can anyone help?


10-03-2017 16:47:59


Re: 1995/96 XJ 4.0i auto - PCM issues

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