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#1 04-04-2016 13:19:56

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93 XJ passenger window not working

Hey guys I need some help. I've been searching for a few hours now and can't find any information. So I have a 93 XJ the passenger side window will not go up or down when using the switch on the passenger side. It will go up and down from the drivers side though. I've tried a new switch on the passenger side, I've tried new switch on the driver side, I've tried a new switch on both sides all to no avail. I even just the splicing idea on the 97's and up just for giggles. No has worked. Any body have an idea on what might be the issue?

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04-04-2016 13:19:56


Re: 93 XJ passenger window not working

#2 04-04-2016 20:55:06

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Re: 93 XJ passenger window not working

The lock switch gets stuck. I have the passenger hold the up or down button while I rapid fire press the lock button over and over until their window moves. There is also an easy fix posted on the web somewhere but I don't remember where.


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