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1999 XJ 2 Door Std Trans 4X4

I just wanted to introduce myself.  I purchased an XJ about a month ago and with all your unknowing help, have it up and running in almost perfect condition. 

it is a 1999 XJ 2 Door Std Trans 4X4 with, a 3.5in rough country lift, 31" tires, and 215k miles.   The diffs are still open, but that isn't to hard to fix. 

I bought it for almost nothing, needing a new clutch, O2 sensors, vacuum lines, and a fuse here and there.  Pulled the transmission off, replaced the clutch flywheel and release bearing (Which was destroyed) and the master/slave clutch cylinder.  It is now in daily driving condition and I am getting it off road and dirty almost weekly. 

Anyone else in the Phoenix Area? 

Nice to meet you all,


03-18-2016 16:07:53


Re: 1999 XJ 2 Door Std Trans 4X4

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