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#1 06-05-2015 07:35:39

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Weight capacity

Anyone think hauling 700 - 900 lbs of stone in the Heep is a bad idea? I do have helpers equivalent to AALs.


06-05-2015 07:35:39


Re: Weight capacity

#2 06-05-2015 07:36:16

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Re: Weight capacity

All at one time = bad idea!!!!
I hauled a pallet of landscaping bricks in my 82 Wag and it was squatting very low in the rear and made it a little hairy stopping and turning corners.  It seemed a little squirrely too but it managed to survive.
I would NOT subject an XJ to that and would use a rental trailer instead balancing the load so there it not too much weight on the tongue while putting some weight in the cargo area of the XJ!  That is how I hauled concrete with my XJ to make my concrete parking pads.  ;-)

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