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#1 06-05-2015 07:11:02

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Junction block

So... What's in the junction block (passenger's side, under air bag)?
Somehow I never ignited the driver's side while welding. I kept checking the carpeting and molding to be sure I wasn't setting anything aflame. Sure it got hot, but nothing ever melted or smoked.
Well, I didn't check while doing the pass side and I turned the junction block to goo. I'm just glad I heard the sizzle or it would have been goodbye jeep (I was walking away to take a break). Worse, the garage is in the basement.
But, the jeep still starts and the lights all work. AllData says cigarette lighter (which never worked), rear defog (sort of worked, but never very well), horn (might be a problem) and "spare relays". But if anything else runs through there I'll have to replace it. Of course I should have a horn, but if I can just wire that up on it's own I can pull the block out (in this case scoop it out) and be done with it.


06-05-2015 07:11:02


Re: Junction block

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