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#1 06-04-2015 10:46:08

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World's Slowest Mechanic?

I dont think I am, but then again it might be a close race

I finished the SYE and the Tie Rod so Im feeling pretty good right about now. I might even a beer. But it sure seems to take me  a long time to get stuff done. I dont really mind because Im used to it, but I definitely need to set aside more time than I think a project is going to take.


06-04-2015 10:46:08


Re: World's Slowest Mechanic?

#2 06-04-2015 10:46:49

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Re: World's Slowest Mechanic?

Did you even a WHOLE beer? Accidentally?

And that's one definite thing about wrenching. Over schedule the time and over budget the money, and still you might end up exceeding your expectations. And then sometimes there's that 4-hour project that turns out to only be a 5-minute loose bolt.


#3 06-04-2015 10:47:28

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Re: World's Slowest Mechanic?

For me, it depends on the job....

Brakes take me about twice as long as it should, and replacing a clutch is a weekend project if I am lucky.
But most tasks I can beat the mechanics book by 50-66%.

I have not been wrenching on anything bigger then a power washer in a month or two..been rehabbing houses and chilling in the house....but want to get my hands greasy.


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