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Meet me and my jeep (updated cause I'm bad at foruming)

Hello I'm Aubree 20 years old and a Michigan chick. I'm new to the jeep world and bought a stock 99 jeep Cherokee 4.0 for my first vehicle. I've got future plans for my jeep so it's not so stocky but money is always a thing and go ahead and laugh and make jokes because I'm a girl that can't work on her own jeep (yet).

I'll probably be here a lot cause I'll want to fix my jeep myself when I can, or know about the latest and greatest upgrades and parts. Probably mostly for fixing things though hahaha. I've owned my jeep for a year now and already learned the joys of window regulators on my drivers side door and front passenger side.

I guess the only not stock thing about my jeep is the paint. It was solid red all around. Then got my hands on some black paint and went to town. All 4 fender flares painted, the grille (how is that even spelled anyway?? Grill? Grille?? Grill? So many possibilities) was solid red. That needed change too. So we (my brother and myself) decided to go a bit different and inverted a normal black and red scheme into what I have now. (don't ask me why the picture won't upload cause I don't know)

So in conclusion (pro way to end a thing amirite??) Hello and hope you don't mind questions and probably lame puns. Cause that's how I do.

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05-29-2015 19:17:33


Re: Meet me and my jeep (updated cause I'm bad at foruming)

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