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#1 11-09-2014 17:08:50

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Jeep Lift

If anyone remembers I put a add a leaf suspension lift in the rear of my XJ that I pulled off of a S-10. worked great. During the process I broke a suspension mount which is also now fixed. The XJ is running good.

Now its time to lift the front end. I think about 2 inches should be good enough. I have been searching the net, and I see there are a few kits out there. I didnt see any that are for just the front suspension.

Does anyone have any suggestions??


11-09-2014 17:08:50


Re: Jeep Lift

#2 11-09-2014 17:10:40

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Re: Jeep Lift

You can get 2" coil spacers from several different retailers.  They are a poly bushing.  Or you can put four coil isolators, those rubber looking things at the top of the spring from the wrecking yard.


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