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#1 11-09-2014 10:38:41

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Cherokee Bastard Pack

I was at the local u pull it today and came across a nice S-10 that I got a hold of the rear leaf springs for. My XJ has been squatting the whole time I got it, and I pull a trailer so I figured a nice upgrade is in order.

I spent most of the afternoon putting it together. almost all reassembled and seems good. I gained about 3" in lift, and the rear is much harder (a good thing) I think the 3" is relative because the truck seemed too low to begin with

Ok to the problems, before I did this I did a little research on the web and found some info in other forums. One of them told me to pull the sway bar and keep it off. Mine is in place. Why would I do that?? and what are the implications??

also The drivers side shock mount on the axle sheared off when I was removing the nut. Just the threaded part is damaged but of course I cant re-attach it now. The threaded part seems attached (rather than just a bolt) How do I fix it?? I was considering hacking off the whole end and running a matching bolt through its place?? Any thoughts


11-09-2014 10:38:41


Re: Cherokee Bastard Pack

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