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#1 10-10-2013 11:53:39

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Wtb axles

I need to build up a stock xj for 33s

I need gears lockers etc for a D30

I need a rear axle to replace his D35


10-10-2013 11:53:39


Re: Wtb axles

#2 10-15-2013 08:52:51

Registered: 10-05-2008
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Re: Wtb axles

No luck from me on the axles. I do know where there's a cheap straight 1990 red body with decent beige leather interior...motor has a rod knock, trans & NP242 are fine. But it's got the LP D30 Vac disco front axle & D35 ABS rear axle, and stock gears. And hasn't been registered or non-oped in 3 or 4 years. Bleh.

And if for some reason anyone's interested, I have the 100K mile D35 with the bigger brake shoes, stock crossmember, and shiny chrome front & rear bumpers off my beloved Carbeque (all in fine shape & free to a good home). And two acceptable stock tail light assemblies, and an NP231 and AW4 trans that haven't been run in 2 years but had 100K easy miles on them.


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