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#1 10-28-2008 21:49:47

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Re: ....about running 31" offroad tires

I have a bit of curiosity about what I should do when I do install 31"
all terrain tires on my Jeep. I don't know if I should balance them or
if I can just drop in bags of "equal" instead. My issue with balancing
the tires is that after I go offroad and pick-up some mud the first
time, it's going to cause me to have a vibration due-to my wheels
being off balance until I clean off the mud. Using equal seems to be
more promising, but 31" isn't a large size really. So, I'm curious if
anyone in this group runs offroad tires or any tires with bags of
equal and don't have wheel weights pounded onto their rims. Equal is a
powder that's in a bag. You place it inside the tire eliminating the
need to balance your tire. As your tire vibrates, it lets powder out
from the bag and gets rid of the vibration. Most people who run the
larger 35" tires or larger ask us to install equal.


10-28-2008 21:49:47


Re: ....about running 31" offroad tires

#2 10-28-2008 21:50:22

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Re: ....about running 31" offroad tires

I used to live in the Pacific North West.  We wheeled in mud nine months of the year.  It was never really a problem with 32X11 tires on ten inch rims, or 31.5X15.5 tires on 12 inch rims.  By the time you hit highway speeds the mud starts flying off and if they do vibrate, it is only for about a minute.


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