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3 or 4.5 lift on my xj with 31x10.5

Im looking at getting a lift for my xj, just put 31x10.5x15 on, and i cant really decide on lift. its either going to be a trail master 3.0 or trail master 4.5, im not doping too much crawling but i want the decent clearance if i want to, im just going trail riding and taking it up a few hills, the usual. More advanced then moderate, not sure what size lift to go with though!

I think im going with the 4.5, just for clearance but i wanted some feedback considering its my first xj owned. I went from a 82 CJ7 scrambler, to this.

Just looking for some advice and maybe some trail rides with people, get some input from people with more experience!

Greatly would appreciate it


05-17-2013 08:32:09


Re: 3 or 4.5 lift on my xj with 31x10.5

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