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#1 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Tank Pump » 09-16-2015 14:50:10

My 98 2.5 Diesel has a Tank Pump, I dont know if the 2.1 Renault had a Tank Pump :(

#2 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Tow vehicle dreams » 12-03-2012 21:01:35

diesel excursion would be nice. the V10 would work too, just drinks a little more. a full size truck with a crew cab should seat 6 comfortably as well. those cabs these days are pretty big.

I've seen 30' bumper pull car haulers before. might have to step up to a 2 5/16" ball though. new Ford duallies come with a 2 1/2" receiver hitch.

#3 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Where's the Leak? » 11-27-2012 20:08:02

guess I should read on before I reply.

#4 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Where's the Leak? » 11-27-2012 20:04:56

do you have a roof rack and if so are you positive that your have a decent seal at all screw points. could be leaking there draining down the C pillar.

something to look into

#5 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » High Oil Pressure » 11-27-2012 20:02:33

Why would he not fill exactly to the fill mark on the dipstick?

#6 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » fuel economy gauge » 08-31-2012 11:16:59

that just seems like a lot of stuff to keep track of while behind the wheel. as if the normal things to look out for aren't enough.

#8 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » ball joints Question » 03-09-2012 13:20:09

I bought mine from Napa. can't remember the price. sorry no help.

#9 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Engine Stumble code 27 » 03-09-2012 12:39:25

I had that problem with my wife's honda civic, it didn't throw any codes though. it idles rough and hesitated when taking off from a stop then ran fine while at cruising speed. all cylinders were firing. pulled all connectors I could get to, cleaned, applied dielectric grease, and reconnected them. fired right up and has been running great ever since.

#10 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Tires arrived » 03-05-2012 13:26:34

you should'nt have to trim so much that you can't still use the stock flares. I ran 32"s with stock flares for a bit with no issue. just trimmed a little towards the bottom of the front fenders only. the rear was OK.

#11 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » water pump replacement » 03-05-2012 10:53:03

sucram wrote:

If you can afford it, I have the Hesco high flow one with an alloy impeller and has been running perfectly now for years.

I'll have to remember that if/whenever I have to replace mine.

#12 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » Wheels » 03-02-2012 18:27:26

those are the wheels I have on my XJ. I like them quite a bit. black steelies but not the same as you see on every other 4WD around. there are pics of my Jeep in the in the photos section if you want to see them on an XJ.

#13 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » Wheels » 03-02-2012 17:03:23

are you sure they weren't painted or maybe powder coated by the owner? I've seen many times on 4WDs where people paint their aluminum wheels because they've either wheeled them and scratched them or just really liked the look of black wheels.

#14 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Welding test » 03-01-2012 15:06:29

make sure you prep the metal first. welding rust typically doesn't turn out well. even for the best welders

#15 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Headers » 03-01-2012 15:05:38

that's what I've always suspected when a turbo on a 4.0 is brought up

#16 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Thumping sound » 03-01-2012 15:04:41

how about worn bushings where the control arms mount to the axle housing. mine is doing that now from a worn uca bushing

I had the same problem with worn motor mounts too. replaced with poly bushings. big difference for someone who hasn't been in a car with poly motor mounts

#17 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Best way to fix rusted rims? » 02-27-2012 20:42:09

how bad is the leak?
what style wheel is it?
how 'bout clean it up and install a metal valve stem with an o-ring?

#18 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » speaker question » 02-27-2012 10:02:24

lean wrote:

no issues at all with the pass side. worked out just fine.
all i really needed to adjust was the depth that the window sat in the
and i found out why we were having so much trouble getting the holes to line
up on the driver's side....
it's because the bottom middle mounting bolt location was NOT on the
centerline between the two upper mounts. it was just over 1/4" to one side.
hence the slots that we ended up with, instead of simple holes.

the door lock mechs, however, went together in about 1 1/2 hours for both

glad to hear it. I'll be glad to hear the stereo going too, when you get it. keep it up. not too much more to go.

#19 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » Rear Leaf Springs » 02-24-2012 13:09:05

Isn't there some Dakota springs that can be used without modification? unsure of the years to be used

#20 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » speaker question » 02-22-2012 13:16:32

good work on the doors being almost finished. did you have any issues fitting the regulator in the pass side? I don't really know much about car audio lately. sorry, I've been out of touch with that since high school.

#21 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » more 'rookie' questions to kick around » 02-16-2012 11:45:45

I'm going to say toothbrush and I hope my prize is watching you do it  : )

#22 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » XJ year changes? » 02-15-2012 16:12:09

I think this is the one everyone wants - '99 HP D30, larger intake

everything about the different years has been covered, I think.

#23 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » wheeling and xj update » 02-15-2012 13:05:35

the project list continues....

I heard that! I'm going to pull the carpet out of mine soon also. already have it pulled from the rear cargo area. it was soaked but not from drowning though. I was doing a lot of hill climbs and descents this particular day and my cooler in the back was doing a good job of ridding itself of all the water within. about 2 weeks later in the middle of the summer the foam padding under the carpet was still soaked and producing that nice musty scent. it was a must to remove. I'm going to line the floor with something also, just haven't got there. hope I don't run into the same rust issues. I guess I need keep the Jeep out of the watering hole.

#24 Re: Share and Request Images » vent window pics » 02-15-2012 12:47:51

nice work. not far from finishing the doors. receive the new regulators yet?

#25 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » BRX Hose's?? » 02-13-2012 16:58:40

most of the silicone hoses have a damn good guarantee but still not worth IMHO

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