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#1 General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » wrecked 2001 cherokee sport » 07-19-2012 13:20:44

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My brother wrecked my 2001 xj sport while going to the store.Luckily the airbags never deployed. I now have to fix it & was wondering what hood, & fenders would fit it. Like what years? I heard 97 & up but I am not sure. I know the grill, bumper & headlight assembly will have to be 99-01. Please help. Thanks in advance.

#2 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Source for an Aluminum Radiator » 07-11-2011 13:17:01

I'm the friggen exception to most rules: My all metal Modine leaked
when new, my plastic/metal OEM was fine at 150k, I just replaced it
for giggles.

#3 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Jeep Cherokee MPG » 07-07-2011 10:22:23

Yes sir, same size as rolled off the factory floor.

#4 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Jeep Cherokee MPG » 07-07-2011 10:08:40

Yeah, it has been a while since I've fogged the neighbors. :)

#5 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Jeep Cherokee MPG » 07-07-2011 10:01:08

I was thinking the acetone would primarily clean everything out. But
other than the older O2 sensor - everything else you mentioned was
done recently. I even babied this thing for this test.
As a comparison the 'Burb gets 15.3 mpg in the same city driving,
despite the 5.3L and 6000lb weight....

At least now I'm holding a beer.

#6 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Source for an Aluminum Radiator » 07-07-2011 09:59:51

Those are the guys I posted about a few days back. They 'look' good
first hand, fwiw.

#7 General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Jeep Cherokee MPG » 07-07-2011 09:59:19

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Ok, so I buy this nice clean 96 'Classic' 2wd(yeah, I know) for a
commuter. Gas mileage is not priority one, driving a Cherokee is.
So I almost croaked at the pump when I fingered my first tank at 13.8
mpg.. All city driving, but I kept this test in mind and drove like

4.0/AW4/8.25 w 3.55. New 225/75R15s. Major tune at 80k miles, has 109k
now. Passed smog, but HC's nearing the high side of passing. O2 sensor
replaced seven years ago.

I'm thinking some acetone in the tank and a new O2 sensor might be in
order here. Any comments ?
Either that or find the seventh fuel injector spraying gas into the air.

I need a beer.

#8 Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » ZJ coils, Bilstein valving » 06-24-2011 13:21:42

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I've been running 4.5" ZJ coils with Bilsteins valved 255/70-iirc.
It's a good all around combo, but a little soft. I'd like to eliminate
some of the nose-dive under braking(I have the anti-sway bar attached).
Do you think firmer shock valving alone would help the problem?
Or should I look for firmer coils and shocks or some combination of
the two?

#9 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Oil leaks and overhauls » 02-03-2009 19:29:12

The rear main seal leak is a common weakness of the 4.0L motor; I have  90K on mine and it was leaking when I bought it with about 80K on it.  How bad is the leak? How is your oil consumption (reference the
leaking seal)? If you are mechanically inclined, the seal can be  replaced relatively easily...a few articles online for the procedure.
Does the engine *need* to be rebuilt? I have heard these six bangers  can go for upwards of 200K. What's compression like on the cylinders? 
If you go with a rebuild, I would recommend using a Jasper engine as  they are one of the best. What is your timeframe? If you had the  engine rebuilt it probably wouldn't be prudent to blast off right away  totting a trailer for across the'd need time for the new  motor to break in and also be able to adress any "glitches" that are  sure to pop up with major mechanical work.

#10 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Poor Gas Mileage » 12-05-2008 11:47:58

I think you are correct about that. The MAP is located just below the
inlet of the intake manifold on my '96 4.0L. That was one of the sensors I tried replacing before I got around to suspecting my front O2 sensor, actually <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->

#11 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Poor Gas Mileage » 11-05-2008 12:41:40

Have you replaced or otherwise verified that the O2 sensors (both of
them) are in good health? When my front O2 sensor went bad my mileage
instantly plummeted to around 6 miles per gallon. Your trouble symptoms
don't sound like they started that way but after that problem I had with
my XJ I would not underestimate the potential for a borderling functioning
O2 sensor to create a range of sympton behavior.

As far as clearing out the codes in your powertrain control module's
memory, I think many people make the mistake of seeing stored codes in
there as a problem in itself. The codes are not the enemy at all. All
they are is a record of certain combinations of conditions that the PCM is
purposefully programmed to flag and report to you, to try and help you
figure out where there's a problem somewhere in the powertrain system.

I will say though that sometimes it's frustrating because the PCM's
programming isn't perfect - it doesn't always catch what's really wrong.
In my XJ's case I had two codes that kept reappearing were contradictive
and not directly revealing of the problem. One stated, "Mixture too
rich." The other stated, "Mixture too lean." Some help that was.

Once some trial and error got me around to finally replacing the
front O2 sensor and the problem went away, they make a little more sense.
The problem was that the PCM must have been getting incorrect readings
from that O2 sensor but sadly, it wasn't smart enough to realize that the
readings were incorrect and the sensor was bad. Instead it assumed the
sensor was fine and that the mixture was wrong for some other reason.
Maybe it was seeing too lean from the front sensor and too rich from the
rear one. I dunno.

My point is, people shouldn't clear their trouble codes out and
expect anythng other than for them to eventually reappear, sooner or
later, since they are just a messenger about a real problem occurring in
the system somewhere <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->

#12 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » XJ seems to be working hard » 11-05-2008 11:39:08

It is a straight swap after you make sure the brakes are all OK etc.  The trick is finding a D35 that is not too worn out.

Also found in the 2.8 V6 Jeeps

#13 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Wiper repair info » 10-29-2008 16:25:55

This evening I finally got around to fixing the erratic wipers on our

There was talk earlier about bushings and where to get them.

Dorman Products Inc. has them in thier HELP! line.

Comes as an assortment of bushings.
HELP! # 49447 (10pcs)

Only need three (3) but they are well worth the few bucks.

Took me about 15 minutes to change them. Most of that was wasted
trying to work the linkage assembly from the cowl.

NOW: Have to get a washer nozzle (brittle in the cold air)and window
trim to replace the original that got ground away from the whacky
movement of the passenger's side wiper.

#14 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » tire recomendation?? » 09-27-2008 10:37:31

hi all. i'm looking to replace tires on a 93 limited. i need just
good street tires as it's against the law( my wifes law) to take it
offroad. i have seen some good reviews of goodyear fortera silent
armor. has anyone used these or have any other suggestions?.thanks in

#15 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Newer body parts on an older cherokee?? » 09-27-2008 10:36:51

I have an 88 and would like to do the same thing. I
have been looking at the newer ones in parking lots to
see what differences that I can see are and other than
looks I have not seen any differences. The actual body
looks the same to me. The lines along the doors and
fenders look the same only the molding is different. I
think it can be done easily. I have to wait for enough
money before I can get it started.

#16 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Ride height » 09-27-2008 10:36:23

Sounds to me like your rear springs are shot, common problem with all
Jeeps. Replacing them will lift up the rear by about 2".

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