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#1 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » new cylinder head » 09-14-2015 21:02:41

I think you can get a god deal on the reman cylinder head. Or you can get a junkyard head from any 4.0 2001 and later (0331). The early ones (the first year or so) had cracking issues. The later castings were better.

#2 Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » Jeep Lift » 11-09-2014 17:08:50

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If anyone remembers I put a add a leaf suspension lift in the rear of my XJ that I pulled off of a S-10. worked great. During the process I broke a suspension mount which is also now fixed. The XJ is running good.

Now its time to lift the front end. I think about 2 inches should be good enough. I have been searching the net, and I see there are a few kits out there. I didnt see any that are for just the front suspension.

Does anyone have any suggestions??

#3 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » shock mounts » 11-09-2014 16:50:12

I called my local monroe dealer and a few other shock places in the area with no luck.  They had no clue what I was talking about.

I found and called a local jeep only customizing shop who knew exactly what I was talking about.  evidently when XJ's are being wheeled regularly this pin is known to break, in addition to when road salt just kills it on its own.

they have a bolt on pin that I just drill out the old one and put this in its place.  Theirs runs $12 a piece.

I will let you guys know how it goes on, I should pick it up on saturday-ish

#5 Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » shock mounts » 11-09-2014 10:48:59

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I posted earlier about a broken lower shock mount on my rear axle. as I was contemplating what to do I decided to check out the other side. It looks like the same exact break happened over there as well with the guy who had it before me. That one had the old post hacked off with a bolt through it already.

I opted to hack the post off the rest of the recent break and put a hole through it as well. I used a couple of Gr 8.8 bolts and mounted the shocks back in place. All seemed to hold pretty well

I am not exactly crazy about this fix. I know the 8.8's are pretty strong but I am contemplating getting a new set of mounts and having them welded on.

I would love to see what the opinion of the group is on this one.

#6 Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » Cherokee Bastard Pack » 11-09-2014 10:38:41

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I was at the local u pull it today and came across a nice S-10 that I got a hold of the rear leaf springs for. My XJ has been squatting the whole time I got it, and I pull a trailer so I figured a nice upgrade is in order.

I spent most of the afternoon putting it together. almost all reassembled and seems good. I gained about 3" in lift, and the rear is much harder (a good thing) I think the 3" is relative because the truck seemed too low to begin with

Ok to the problems, before I did this I did a little research on the web and found some info in other forums. One of them told me to pull the sway bar and keep it off. Mine is in place. Why would I do that?? and what are the implications??

also The drivers side shock mount on the axle sheared off when I was removing the nut. Just the threaded part is damaged but of course I cant re-attach it now. The threaded part seems attached (rather than just a bolt) How do I fix it?? I was considering hacking off the whole end and running a matching bolt through its place?? Any thoughts

#7 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » jeep CPS » 10-10-2013 11:54:18

What ended up being the problem? I cant sleep at night wondering.

#8 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » jeep CPS » 09-30-2013 14:29:11

Nope The wifes didnt.

Cam Position Sensor not Crank Position Sensor.

#9 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » jeep CPS » 09-30-2013 09:54:57

There should be a reference voltage of 5VDC. Think of it like the old points ignition that opens and closes signaling the ECM which cylinders coil packs and fuel injectors to fire.

Connect a VOM on VDC and verify 5VDC and the as you crank the engine you should read it pass thru to another lead going to the ECM.

#10 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Starting issue » 12-13-2012 06:46:50

ran into the same problem with my 95 change the crank position sensor (located on the bell housing drivers side near the top.  It should fix your problem. Autozone about 35-45 dollars.

#11 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Cargo storage tray » 12-12-2012 18:00:26

I keep 2 small 18x24x12 plastic totes with covers in the back of mine.  that way I can still put my outdoor gear in there with little or no problems.

#12 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » roof rack » 12-08-2012 09:10:45

I figured as much. Not all home depot employees are created equal.

I was looking for something to repair a few chips in my stucco one time and the lady tried to sell me interior ceiling popcorn paint!

#14 General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » roof rack » 12-07-2012 12:36:59

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My XJ didnt come with a roof rack and I have been using one of the crappy universal adjustable ones for a while and would like something a little more permanent.

I like the idea of using an OEM one rather than a more expensive aftermarket one. do the stock racks bolt/screw on and off?? is it something I could add if I drilled a few holes?

#15 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Axle shaft U Joints » 12-04-2012 19:12:50

If you are getting the chirping it is probably that the centering ball needs to be rebuilt / replaced. … ft-rebuild

#16 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Harmonic balancer migrating aways from the engine! » 12-03-2012 13:13:26

If the harmonic balancer seal shows signs of wheeping; you should consider replacing the seal while you have the balancer removed.
Replaced the seal on mine last year along with the balancer.

#17 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » How long is your driveshaft? » 11-02-2012 09:11:20

You missed one variable.... The amount of lift your Jeep has....
I have the 231 and 8.25 and approximately 5.25" of lift... I will try to measure the ds once I get to Moab later today....

#18 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Water Pump » 10-31-2012 14:42:45

Water Pump?? In my 94 Jeep GCL (I4), it screeches loudly every time
I start it up, but goes away within a min. or so...

#19 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » slightly overheating » 09-04-2012 15:06:58

Generally around 40-50% coolant to 50-60% distilled water..

#20 General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Wheels clear coat » 08-22-2012 10:00:52

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I picked up a set of wheels from an old grand cherokee dirt cheap to replace the rusty steelys on my XJ. The clear coat on the new wheels is peeling. I was able to strip it off of one of them without a whole lot of trouble, and with a little elbow grease and polish it now looks pretty nice.

before I put another coat of clear on it is there anything I should use to make sure there isnt any residue on it from the polish? (so the clear coat sticks) do I even need to clear coat it?

#21 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » 88 Cherokee inline 6 cruise control » 03-02-2012 18:30:30

That blue line should connect to something on the intake. I am not sure where that location is on the 4.0, I know that on the 2.8 I had it was near the carb. If you have a Haynes or Chiltons I would check out the vacuum diagram at the back.

#22 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » popping noise » 02-29-2012 10:00:48

The spacer is at the top, not the bottom.

When I look at the two it almost looks like the raised area on the spacer is too thin and doesn't keep the spring centered.  The passenger side is centered fine,

#23 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » popping noise » 02-28-2012 15:40:05

Ok, The popping noise WAS the sway bar, but it is hitting my front spring on the drivers side.

On the passenger side I have around an inch of clearance between the spring and the end of the bar. the drivers side is less than a 1/4 inch. If I jack it up on the drivers side they rub.

It probably never did it before because when i did the sway bar I also installed 2" coil spacers on the front.

On the passenger side the coil sits nice and centered on the coil spacer. The drivers side seems to ride forward on the actual spacer itself. The spring itself doesn't SEEM to bow.

I would really hate to have to pull out the spacers.

Am I the only one that feels like every time I fix something on the Jeep something else breaks

#24 General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » popping noise » 02-27-2012 15:09:43

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On occasion I noticed a popping noise when I turned right, especially if I was at higher speeds.

the other day I was climbing over some large snow piles in local parking lot and the noise was much more frequent and pronounced. Especially when the drivers side wheel was up and the passenger side was down. it is silent when I am driving straight, or slow turns. handles fine at highway speeds

I know noises are hard to diagnose over the "net" but I figured I would give it a shot. It sounds like a binding more than a breaking pop. if that makes sense to anyone but me

a few months ago I noticed my front sway bar bushings were crap, and the the arms were rusted beyond use. I replaced the arms, and bushings. The reason I mention the arms/bushings is before that I had wheeled the truck, towed etc and never heard any noises.

I am wondering if I did anything wrong, too tight, too loose??

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