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#1 General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » 4x4 switch service soon message » 05-20-2013 16:21:04

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my jeeps 4x4 seems fine yet i get the service 4x4 switch message anyone know how to remedy this

#2 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » 1996 Question » 12-04-2012 10:43:22

I also have a 1996 Cherokee Classic. I purchased it with 185,xxx miles on it and I had to have the engine rebuilt. It all depends on how the previous owners cared for it. If they have any service records then go through those. On mine I don't feel like they took that great of care of it because I have seen these things go 300,000+ miles with little more than regular maintenance.

#3 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » LIFT a 99 » 03-02-2012 13:41:24

I think rough country is the best deal and there heavy duty.  When you read about rock crawling and soft springs please remember soft springs make a lifted jeep handle worse on the road,  Some what stiff springs will not hurt for mud or 90% of off-roading.  I tried that on a daily driver and was not happy at all driving it on the road.  It would not corner for shit.  For $800 - $1000 you should be able to lift your Jeep 4" and still have it drive nice, if you go with Rough Country. If you find down the road you want to try more lift you could use spacers in the front and in the rear, or an inch in the rear and an add a leaf.  Cheep... But I think 4" lifts are the best way to go. If you can not fit the tires you want get a set of Bushwacker fender flairs and cut your fenders.   If you don't want to do that come to NY and buy my Cherokee!

#4 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » LIFT a 99 » 03-01-2012 21:42:19

Being a daily driver I would not go bigger then 33" tires, with a four inch lift.  Without changing the gears in the axles (front and rear)  you will notice a loss of some power, however with a few upgrades to the engine as time and money allow it will not be to bad.  The bigger the tires the more power you will lose.  I also feel that 33" tires is all stock axles can handle.   My recipe would be a 4" lift with all new springs (no Spacers)  Bushwacker cut out fender flairs,  and 33" X 10:50  tires.   Personally I would go with some Super Swamper LTBs.  And a great stereo so you can crank it and not hear the tires on your way to work.  If you don't like loud music I would go with some all terrains.   But I think you should take it Off Road !    That is what Jeeps were built for.  If they weren't  we would be speaking German,  Jeeps won WW2 you know with a little help from guys with guns.  If you want one lifted I have a 94 for sale cheep.  Have a good one,

#5 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » D44 axle seal problem! » 02-27-2012 17:40:31

My thought exactly.  Now...  if we were dealing with sealed bearings it might make a difference.  The pictures I see of the bearing show an open roller bearing so the seal should not be used.  Any experts out there???

I once worked on an old International pickup that had grease fittings at each end of the rear axle.  Evidently there was a a seal at the end of the tube as well as outside the bearing and the axle bearing had to be greased via the fittings.

#6 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » D44 axle seal problem! » 02-27-2012 17:18:32

I noticed that too, and have no idea.  There is a separate listing for the front axle, which doesn't use the same bearings or seals at the wheel ends.  The book lists an "inner" and "outer" seal for axles from 80 to 93 but a single (different) seal for 94 to 98.  Confusing...

#7 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » D44 axle seal problem! » 02-27-2012 12:10:26

Here are the numbers from a "Carquest" catalog.  I hope the numbers can be cross-referenced to your brands.

Application:  Spicer 44-1HD   1980 to 1993

Outer Axle Bearing:  A-10   (RSN1579EF)
     Specs:  Bore: (ID) 1.5630"  OD:  2.876"  Width:  1.3810"

Outer Axle Seal:  9912
     Specs:  Shaft size:  1.875"  Housing Bore:  2.877"  (OD: 2.872")  Width:  .470"

Inner Axle Seal:  481837
     Specs:  Shaft Size:  1.50"  Housing Bore:  2.502"  (OD: 2.506)  Width:  .375"

Differential:   Bearing:  25590  (2)
     Specs:  Bore:  1.796"  OD:  3.2650"  Width"  1.0625"
                   Cup:  25523  (2)

Pinion:    Inner Bearing:  31594
      Specs:  Bore:  1.3750"  OD:  3.0000"  Width:  1.1563"
                   Cup:  31520

               Outer Bearing   02872
      Specs:  Bore:  1.1250"  OD:  2.8750"  Width:  .8750"
                   Cup:  02820

                Seal:  5778   (Optional Viton 5778V)
       Specs:  Shaft Size:  1.552  Housing Bore:  3.160"  OD:  3.165"  Width:  .608

       Redi-Sleeve #:  99155

Spicer 44-1HD Bearing Kit #:  RA-28    (1980 to 1998)
       Contains:  Differential Bearings/Cups  (2)   25590-25523
                       Inner Pinion Bearing & Cup  (1 ea)   31594-31520
                       Outer Pinion Bearing & Cup (1 ea)   02872-02820
                       Pinion Seal   5778V
                       Pinion Nut, Gear Marking Compound, Brush, Threadlocker & Gasketmaker.

I included measurements if you need to cross any of these.

#8 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » D44 axle seal problem! » 02-27-2012 12:04:38

Sorry for no response.  I was away from my computer for a few days.  If you still need the info let me know.

#9 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » Rear Leaf Springs » 02-24-2012 11:41:16

Sounds like it is little more work than I wanted to do. Not that I am opposed to doing the work but I was hoping for something that was bolt in. I have to get the "toy" going so it is ready for SF and it needs a fair amount of work.  I feel like I could work every weekend from now until then and not get it ready. Sure everybody feels that way though.   Do you or anybody know of springs from another app that would bolt in? If not I will probably go stock.

#10 Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » Rear Leaf Springs » 02-24-2012 11:12:43

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I am getting ready to change the rear springs on my XJ and I thought that I saw somebody say that stock Dodge Ram springs will fit and also give some lift. I am not really worried about ride. I figured that I could use those and shackles in the back and either taller springs or blocks in the front. If that is not the case then I will just go with stock springs and a small lift kit later. This is my DD and it is a 96. As always thanks for the help.

#11 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » D44 axle seal problem! » 02-20-2012 12:00:09

No.  What I'm saying is that the A-10 bearing is the only bearing shown for the 44 from 1980 to 1998, regardless of model of Jeep.  Therefore, that should be the bearing you are using.  I posted in my second reply to you the "other" number an A-10 is known as.  RSN 1579EF, I believe.  I also sent you the inner and outer diameter specs for the A-10, which should come real close to the seal specs that you need to look for.  If I remember correctly (don't have the previous posts handy), it sounded to me as if the seal you used (1.87" ID) was just slightly too large.  That would hold grease until the axle was spinning and warmed up in the seal lip area.  According to my info, the "bore" or Inside Diameter of the bearing is 1.5630", or smaller  by about 3 tenths of an inch than the inside diameter of the seal you used.  Measure your axle diameter.  It should be a few thousandths less than 1.5630".  The seal "relaxed" inside diameter (not installed) should be a couple tenths less, or around 1.35 to 1.40".  That last is a rough guess based on the amount of stretching I've seen when I've installed similar seals.  The grease seal should be a pretty tight fit over the Speedi-Sleeve or machined portion of the axle.  Never loose or just barely touching.

#12 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » D44 axle seal problem! » 02-20-2012 11:38:58

According to my sources, the A-10 bearing is a one-piece assembly comprised of the outer shell, cylindrical roller bearings and the outer shell.  There is no cone.  This assembly rides inside of the area that carries the seal and the Speedi-Sleeve would fit only under the seal area, not under the bearing.

#13 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » D44 axle seal problem! » 02-20-2012 11:38:15

According to my info, the D44 was the same in the XJs and full-size pickups, at least as far as the bearing and seal is concerned from 1980 to 1993.  And the later ones (1993 to 1998) used the A-10 bearing.  The seal was a different part number, but I couldn't get the specs on the actual size of that seal.  I suspect it was the same size but maybe a little wider or they used a different style of sealing mechanism around the axle portion of the seal.  Possibly to better stand heat from disc brakes?

#14 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » D44 axle seal problem! » 02-16-2012 15:52:49

One other item (knew I'd forget something in my last post).  According to my bearing and seal catalogs, all Jeep trucks from 1980 to 1998 equipped with the Spicer 44-1HD rear axle used the same A-10 bearing and the same seals from 1980 to 1993.

#15 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » D44 axle seal problem! » 02-16-2012 15:50:08

Here is the information I was able to come up with.  First, I could not directly cross-reference the seal, either with the number you gave me, or the one I came up from my catalogs.  So, I used the bearing size to come up with the inner & outer diameters.

Bearing:  A-10  (RSN1579)
Bore ID:   1.5630"    (39.700 mm)
Bore OD:  2.876"     (73.050 mm)

From the info you listed, it appears the ID of your seal is too large for the axle unless you are using an oversize/custom-built axle.

If your bearing specs out differently than above, pass the specs to me and I'll see if I can't cross it over.

#16 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » D44 axle seal problem! » 02-16-2012 15:17:56

Give me the seal brand and  part number and I'll try to cross-reference it by size to see if there is a closer/better size.

#17 Re: General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Jeep Cherokee MPG » 07-07-2011 10:40:11

HaHa. Here's the only honest quote.

"Sorry man but im not gonna enter a challenge against that monstrosity of a Jeep. If you can even call if that anymore"

#19 General Jeep XJ Cherokee Forum » Tranny fluid for AW4 auto » 06-30-2011 21:18:50

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Is it ATF4 ? My bad mind for #'s & letters. But I think I'm right 8)

#20 Re: Buy / Sell / Trade » WTB: 4.0 stock Renix up to $2000 » 06-30-2011 20:48:01 and

I always see good deals on craigs list. But I just look for fun.

#21 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Suspension and Lift Discussion » Tilt steering column wobble issue » 06-15-2011 15:38:07

I've tightened mine a couple of times and it just gets loose again. I think I need to replace the column. I probably won't do it until the damn thing falls out though. I can't imagine anything else on the XJ that's more of a bitch to replace.

#22 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Tire Question » 11-04-2008 13:11:20

I am thinking it is time for a new set then - thinking
about the Michelins M/S LX - pricey but I am just
checking out the ratings and they seem good so far.

It's funny because I just went through dry rot on my
front motorcycle tire and neded replacement as well -

#23 Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ Mechanical Questions » Tire Question » 11-04-2008 13:07:54

Today I was out with my 94 Cherokee Sport 4WD and decided to stop by the skateboard
store to look around cause you can never have too many wheels lol.

On my way back to the truck I noticed what looked like curb scrub on the sidewalls of my
front and rear passenger tires - I can't say what else it could be except curb damage - but
I am pretty careful about that kind of stuff...

Anyway the odd thing was that the damage on both tires is almost exactly the same - the
extreme outer layer of the both tires on the sidewalls have spots where the outer layer of
the rubber is completely gone - and I can see the next layer, a white-ish layer underneath.

They are spots about the size of silver dollars - It looks almost like something got spilled
on them but again I can't figure out what could have caused the damage other than curb
rub and it wasn't on the tires yesterday as I am always eyeballing my baby daily. There isn't
any sign of liquid or anything caustic on the tires.

They are the original Wrangler tires - with about 126 thousand kilometers on them.

When there is sidewall damage like this, are they now unsafe and in need of replacement?

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