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Several Issues 1993 XJ

Good Morning,

A buddy of mine was in need of money. So he offered to sell me his 1993 Cherokee with a 2 in rough country lift on it. It’s got 167k. There are several problems that maybe you guys can help me with. I know nothing about cars but would like to make this thing work.

It sat for a few months. He had to charge it to start it. Drove it the 12 mins to my house by then the battery started to lose voltage. When I put the headlights on the engine started to shut off then finally did. Tried to start it again and it sounded like a deck of cards getting shuffled. I jumped it using my car and it started back up. But again the battery started losing voltage after a few mins. He believes the battery is just shot from sitting so long. Is it really or is the alternator gone?

Next there’s a crack in the exhaust manifold where all the pipes meet. I can see the crack. When I first started it up and drove it down the block I saw nothing. But after the 12 min drive on the highway to my house a decent amount of white’ish smoke was coming out and the entire engine bay was pretty hot. Even the hood latch was hot to the touch. My friend said it was due to the crack and the hot exhaust air pouring into the engine bay. It also drove a little weak and loud. Even idling it is loud and rattles. The rattling sounds like its coming from the exhaust manifold but again I don’t know much about cars so I can’t be sure. My questions are is the white smoke really from the manifold or is there a bigger issue at hand (head gasket). Will welding the crack seal it?

I got it late last night and that’s all I know so far. When I get home after work I’m going to try to start it again and look around. Money is really tight right now due to my wife’s medical issues and basically any spare money I had I gave to my friend to help him with his own issues. I was going to give him the money anyways so I figured if he’s offering the XJ (I have always wanted one) why not. Anyone have any ideas on how these issues can be fixed or at least patched up for now for cheap. I only need it to work for a little longer until I get a little more money. I’m hoping that it’s not a lost cause.

You All have a blessed day.


10-02-2018 09:49:32


Re: Several Issues 1993 XJ

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