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#1 12-08-2014 12:02:51

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Wanted 94 Xj Sport rear leaf spring.

What happens to all of the takeoff parts people remove when they make chages to their Jeep. The reason I ask is because my driver side stock rear leaf spring has a broken leaf.  I have heard horror stories about trying to remove the spring bolts at the body and the shackels. So I figure, if the upper main leaf is good, one of the lower leafs is broken, then why no just dismantle the spring on the Jeep leaving the main leaf in place. Then add the new leaf to replace the broken one, and tighten everything back up.

So does anybody have a stock rear driver side leaf spring for sale. If so would you be willing to dismantle it and sell me just of the leafs.  This sounds so cheap but it will save on shipping etc.


12-08-2014 12:02:51


Re: Wanted 94 Xj Sport rear leaf spring.

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