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Thoughts about door locks.

The door latches on my 88 are such that the doors have to be unlocked to be opened from the inside. On the 01 the front doors open when you pull on the handle ... locked or not ... I assume the rear doors are the same .. with the exception that they can not be opened at all from the inside when the child "safety" locks are engaged.

I like the old way better. I want the doors to be locked when they are locked. The child safety locks were unnecessary with the old style latches, our 4yr old can pull the handle to open the door but would have a hard time unlocking it. It would be much more convenient to have lockable doors than doors that are always locked or never locked.

The 88's doors and 01's doors do not use the same striker. A bolt style vs a D-ring style. I know people have put newer doors on an older xj / mj
How did they address this issue? Did they re-use their old catch or swap the striker bolt?

Can the new latches be modified to work the old way?
There must be inside and outside release levers on the new latch ...
Are there on the old latch?
Can I modify the new inside lever rod to connect to the outside release catch?

I bring all this up because last night on our way home, it was dark and an animal ran into the street so we had to stop suddenly. My wife grabbed for the door to hang on but missed and caught the release lever.
It was about this time that along with wishing for better brakes and diplomatic immunity with respect to the laws of physics ... man the design of those new door latches is really really stupid.

Any pictures of door latches or suggestions on how to make this work?


06-13-2011 19:28:49


Re: Doors-locks

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